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    • Metabolism and Analysis of Desomorphine 

      Winborn, Jessica (2018-11-20)
      Desomorphine is a semi-synthetic opioid that is ten times more potent than morphine, with a faster onset but shorter duration of action. It is a major component of the drug referred to as “Krokodil”, which is used as a ...
    • Modeling and Molecular Dynamics Simulations on the in situ Murine Cytochrome P450 4F System 

      Butler III, Jerome W; 0000-0001-6672-8043 (2020-07-07)
      Cytochrome P450s are major participants in the maintenance and well-being of cellular function and have important roles in the health and disease of living creatures. The ω-hydroxylation, catalyzed by CYP4 family members, ...