Recent Submissions

  • Cloud Forecasting: Legal Visibility Issues in Saturated Environments 

    Brown, Adam J.; Glisson, William Bradley; Andel, Todd R.; Choo, Kim-Kwang Raymond (Computer Law & Security Review, 2018)
    The advent of cloud computing has brought the computing power of corporate data pro- cessing and storage centers to lightweight devices. Software-as-a-service cloud subscribers enjoy the convenience of personal devices ...
  • Identifying stealth malware using CPU power consumption and learning algorithms 

    Lucket, Patrick; McDonald, J. Todd; Glisson, William B.; Benton, Ryan; Dawson, Joel; Doyle, Blair A. (Journal of Computer Security, 2018)
    With the increased assimilation of technology into all aspects of everyday life, rootkits pose a credible threat to individuals, corporations, and governments. Using various techniques, rootkits can infect systems and ...