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    • Understanding Centenarians’ Psychosocial Dynamics and Their Contributions to Health and Quality of Life 

      Poon, Leonard W.; Martin, Peter; Bishop, Alex; Cho, Jinmyoung; da Rosa, Grace; Deshpande, Neha; Hensley, Robert; MacDonald, Maurice; Margrett, Jennifer; Randall, G. Kevin; Woodard, John L.; Miller, L. Stephen (Current Gerontology and Geriatrics Research, 2010-06)
      While it is understood that longevity and health are influenced by complex interactions among biological, psychological, and sociological factors, there is a general lack of understanding on how psychosocial factors impact ...
    • What’s Love Got to Do With It? 

      Randall, G. Kevin (Family Science Review, 2014)
      Looking back over the last 20 years of co-learning with my students in the university classroom, I see some things have radically changed while others have stayed fairly constant – both for them and for me. There is no ...
    • Zika Virus and the Risk for Renter Households 

      Scarbrough, Amanda; Rathnasekara, Heranga; Holt, Melinda; Hill, Jack; Kafle, Ram (MDPI (Infectious Diseade Epidemiology), 2018)
      Recent research on family income indicates that a lack of economic stability can affect healthy housing. Those with limited resources experience higher rates of inadequate and unstable housing many times forcing them to ...