Minnie Fisher Cunningham



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Purpose: The purpose of this study was to examine the life and work of Minnie Fisher Cunningham of New Waverly, Texas. Special consideration was given to a brief biography of her life, her activities in the woman suffrage movement, and her senatorial and gubernatorial races. Methods: The methods used to obtain used obtain data in this study were interviews and conversations with Mrs. Cunningham’s family and friends, the examination of books and papers in various libraries to determine what information had been published on Mrs. Cunningham, and the careful inspection and use of the Cunningham Papers. Findings: The evidence presented in this work indicates the following conclusions: 1. The work of Mrs. Cunningham in the woman suffrage movement, both on the state and national levels, was invaluable in gaining voting rights for women. 2. She was a pioneer in women's participation in state and national politics. 3. As a political activist, Mrs. Cunningham gave direction to the progressive and determines opposition to the conservatives. 4. For Mrs. Cunningham, long-range social and political progress was more important than winning immediate victories in those areas.



Women--Suffrage., Minnie Fisher Cunningham, NewWaverly Texas, biography