Allan Shivers :a true Texan

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Purpose: The purpose of this study has been to trace the life and career of Robert Allan Shivers from his birth to the end of his years as Governor of Texas. Special attention was given to his years of gubernatorial service. Methods: The methods used to obtain material for this study were: (1) examination of microfilmed newspapers of the years of Governor Shivers’ services as Senator, Lieutenant Governor and Governor; (2) examination of books of Texas history and government; (3) research of periodicals and journals; (4) personal interviews with Governor Shivers, Mrs. Shivers, and personal acquaintances from his boyhood days; (5) examination of typed manuscripts of interviews made by others; (6) examination of various secondary sources. Findings: The evidence presented in this study suggest the following conclusions: 1. Allan Shivers’ boyhood, youth and college days provided him, with a sound basis for his future in politics. 2. Allan Shivers served capably as a senator from the Port Arthur area, never hesitating to avail himself of learning opportunities and experiences. 3. As Lieutenant Governor, he proved himself an able leader of the Texas Senate. For the first time, many Texans saw the office of Lieutenant Governor as a more powerful position than in past years. 4. Coming to the Governor’s office at the death of Beauford Jester, Shivers continued to the people of Texas in an exemplary fashion. 5. Throughout his political career, Allan Shivers continued to be true to the people of Texas. Foremost in his mind existed the welfare of the people of his state. He is many things to many different people, but above all, he remains a true Texan.

Robert Allan Shivers, Governor of Texas, politics