An Assessment of a Texas-Based Non-Profit's Trauma-Informed GED PREP Program



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This investigation focused on the disempowerment of adult literacy learners touched by traumatic events caused by an array of factors such as emotional, physical, and sexual abuse, neglect, homelessness, and poverty. The investigator will analyze pretest scores (pretest and posttest) for Cohen’s d effect size in specific subject matter pretests in a Texas-based non-profit’s trauma-informed GED prep program. Further evaluation of individual pretest subjects will seek additional effects and/or practical significance via a one-way ANOVA. In this instance, pretest scores were grouped by subject matter, math, reasoning and language arts, science, and social studies for analysis. This research seeks to quantitatively assess whether there is an effect related to the trauma-informed literacy practices of strong student-teacher relationships and the creation of felt safety in classroom settings on adult learners in a Texas-based non-profit’s trauma-informed GED prep program. An analysis of the Texas-based non-profit’s archival data supports the assumption that trauma-informed literacy practices create a large effect on pretest scores for students in their trauma-informed GED prep program. Additionally, those students showed significant growth in pretest scores between pretest and posttests. The abstract should also describe the findings, conclusions, and implications of the study. Further, positive results were present in the one-way ANOVA analysis as well. Findings presented in the medium and large effect size for the analysis of pretest/posttest scores with particular growth in the science subject matter area.



Trauma-informed literacy, Trauma-informed education, Felt Safety, GED prep programs, Student-teacher, Andragogy, Critical Literacy, Trauma, pretests