Law Enforcement Should Hire Veterans to fill their Ranks




Perez, Mark J.

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The law enforcement world is changing faster than the police agencies can realize new philosophical ideas and ideologies. Law enforcement recruits veterans when faced with a shortage of police applicants. Across the United States, law enforcement faces many challenges in recruiting new officers. Law enforcement's problem is the desire to uphold high standards of professionalism in an increasingly violent society while certifying the applicant pool is adequate to meet the needs of the community. This paper examines the pros and cons of why law enforcement agencies should hire veterans for police agencies during a staffing crisis (Barker, 2011). Law enforcement agencies have faced astronomical applicant disqualification rates with filling vacancies. Law enforcement has turned to the military as a source of successful recruitment, although it has its pitfalls. The incidence of PTSD and other service connected disabilities in veterans who have been discharged is a reason for concern. Another burden is the increased public concern over the use of deadly force by police on the professional's mental health retained to all applicants, including the veterans.



Police--Recruiting, Police--Selection and Appointment