Installing Rear Visibility Cameras in Police Vehicles to Reduce Fleet Accidents

Garner, John P.
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Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas (LEMIT)
The purpose of this study was to examine the available research associated with the reduction of fleet accidents by installing rear visibility/back-up cameras in law enforcement as fleet vehicles. Police automobile accidents, commonly referred to as fleet accidents, are a significant concern for police agencies across the country today. The research identified fleet accidents can be greatly reduced by providing agencies with funding to install rear visibility/back-up cameras in existing police fleet vehicles. A comprehensive literature review was conducted to examine the factors that contribute to and/or aid in the deterrence of vehicular accidents. The study focuses on the following areas: Preventable accidents, cost of installing and maintaining the rear visibility/back-up camera systems, liability and costs associated with fleet accidents, examining various camera options, an examination of identifiable key factors which help motivate funding for rear visibility/back-up cameras, and legislation enacted requiring rear visibility/back-up cameras in newer fleet vehicles. Through a comprehensive examination, one can determine the full value of installing the camera systems and the beneficial effect to the law enforcement agencies, the police officers, as well as the communities in which they serve. Lastly, recommendations were made to assist law enforcement leaders and police officers using these endorsed rear visibility/back-up camera systems. The focus of these recommendations were primarily to encourage the use of rear visibility/back-up cameras to prevent back-up and back over accidents and reduce costs associated with these accidents.
Police vehicles, Police equipment and supplies