Effective Social Media Presence for Law Enforcement Agencies




Allison, Stephen

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Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas (LEMIT)


In the rapidly changing social environment of 2021 individuals have grown accustomed to information being instantaneously available at their fingertips, on a cell phone. The reality of how impactful social media is goes far beyond what research has taken into account, which shows that a large percentage of the population takes the information in as their main information and news source. Law enforcement agencies have to become a part of this information network, but, due to its rapid availability and its permanent nature, the agency must proceed with a clear and guided presence. Social media is the stage for community engagement in the 21st century. Law enforcement agencies have to commit to monitoring and limiting so that even though the quantity of activity is directly related to community engagement, the agency does not sacrifice quality and professionalism for the quantity of information. Through this community engagement, law enforcement can build trust and the citizens can hold a stake in assisting with solving crimes as well as crime prevention within the community.



Police and Mass Media, Social Media, Police--Community Relations