Law Enforcement agencies should require a polygraph examination for the police applicants




Blanchard, Jackie

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Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas (LEMIT)


Law Enforcement agencies today are under scrutiny from the general public, now more than ever, which is very noticeable on any social media or news platform. This paper will show that the hiring process of each law enforcement agency can diminish the possible liability incurred to them by hiring qualified applicants that display traits that are desirable for the position of a police officer by adding the polygraph examination to their hiring process. From the polygraphs inception in the 1930s to today's widespread usage, the science behind the polygraph has increased over time. The shortage of police staff has been an issue for police agencies for a long time. The department should not lower its standards to fill open positions. By using statistical data and case studies to prove the validity of the polygraphs uses for agencies’ ever-increasing need for vigilance in the law enforcement hiring process to choose the best candidates, thus, instilling trust by the public. This paper will prove that the emphasis for choosing the best applicants for a law enforcement position is actually at the beginning of the hiring processes, and the polygraph exam is a trustworthy, efficient, and cost saving means of accomplishing this. Law enforcement agencies should use the polygraph examination in the hiring process.



Employee Screening, Police Recruits, Lie Detectors and Detections, Polygraph