Illegal Immigration and the United States of America




Atkins, Mike

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"Illegal immigration has become an increasingly hot topic in this country. Issues such as law enforcement, jobs, entitlements and security are among the most debated. Proponents and opponents provide data, statistics and opinions to support their claims. Magazine articles, books and online editorials were utilized to gain a better understanding of the subject. Criminal activity, for many, is an important topic concerning illegal immigrants. Statistics will show that violent crime statistics in Mexico are much higher than the United States and the violence is pouring over the border. According to the Texas Department of Public Safety (2020), almost 212,000 illegal immigrants were booked into Texas jails between 2011 and 2020. The crimes include but are not limited to murder, assault, burglary, kidnapping, theft and drugs. Protection from terrorists is also a major concern. Lax borders and immigration policies contribute to the anxiety. Many people cross the southern border unopposed on a daily basis. Border jumpers who are caught many times never get deported. In addition, the visa policies are many times not enforced. Two of our past terrorism strikes were perpetrated by four individuals holding invalid visas. The economy is always a topic associated with illegal immigration. More and more, our country sees businesses choosing illegal immigrants over citizens to fill their companies. The reduced pay and elimination of benefits are a driving force. If the United States is going to rebuild its economy and the safety and security of its borders, it should enact and enforce strong policies now as tomorrow will be too late."



Illegal Aliens, Immigration Enforcement--United States