Effectiveness Of Curriculum Development In Advanced Plant Science In Invasive Species And Agriculture Biosecurity

December 2022
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The volume and diversity of material that agriculture teachers must be semiefficient in is astronomical in comparison to other disciplines. Texas there are 29 courses that a certified agriculture sciences teacher can teach based upon the local and regional needs. That is why in our study we are looking at developing curriculum Advanced Plant and Soil Science, a course that 144 out of the 1300 high school programs offered to their high school students. Additionally Advanced Plant and Soil science is offered as a science credit in public schools in Texas. This course also coincides with two topics that are seldom discussed in other curriculum materials available to agriculture teachers in Agricultural Biosecurity and Invasive Species. This study will be creating a unit of instruction and curriculum on Agricultural Biosecurity and Invasive Species that align with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) in Advanced Plant and Soil Science. We will first develop the material for the instructors and students with assistance from the Texas Invasives Species Institute. Secondly, we will distribute this material to 10 schools across the state of Texas (n = 10) and gather a pre/post-survey that inquires their knowledge and confidence in teaching agriculture biosecurity and invasive species. We will also receive all the students pre/post-test scores, and all quizzes that are encompassed in the curriculum of 11 lessons. Data will be analyzed using descriptive statistics and a paired t-test in comparing students test and quiz scores to evaluate if the material was absorbed. Then using the same analysis to evaluate the pre/post-survey from the instructors on confidence in teaching and if they absorbed any of the material that they are not used to. This in return will help evaluate material effectiveness for both the student and the instructor in a course and topic that does not have substantial research or guides for teachers.

Education, Agricultural