A presentation of Henry Moore's sculptural concepts in a choreographic work



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Purpose: The purpose of this study was to choreograph an extended dance work based on the concepts exemplified in Henry Moore’s sculptures of the human form. Procedures: The writer reviewed literature by and about Henry Moor to identify major concepts exemplified in his human-form sculptures. Further, the choreographer selected three sculptures exemplifying the concepts which would contribute to the development of themes for the dance. An analysis of the concepts as exemplified in the works, the writer’s impressions of the sculptures, and the writer’s feeling for and understanding of the concepts served as bases for the development of three themes for the dance. The writer conceived and choreographed an extended dance which treated each concept in a separate section. The production involved the development of the movement themes expressive of each concept, the selection of dancers, the selection and arrangement of music, the development of a lighting design and the designing of costumes. Findings: The study provided evidence that the emotional values and meaning of works of art may inspire the expression of the human feeling for or response to art. It further demonstrated that the survey of an artist’s expressed feelings serves to enhance understanding of one’s own responses for a work of art to the extent that it complements the self awareness of the emotion or meaning which one desires to express through another art form. The understanding of and feeling for Moore’s concepts and the author’s impressions of the selected sculptures were expressed in an extended dance work presented in formal concert. The written form of the study included a discussion of the review of pertinent literature, the analysis of concepts identified, discussion of the analysis and impressions as used to develop themes for the dance, descriptions of movement themes, description of dancers, music, lighting and costume, and how all these were selected, culminating in a description of the choreography.



Modern dance, based on Henry Moore's sculptures, human form, themes for dance