Adapting to Generations in a Law Enforcement Agency




Garcia, Henry A

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Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas (LEMIT)



The law enforcement profession is continuing to experience a transitional era due to the number of generations entering policing. With these different generations comes difficulty understanding and adapting to generational differences within police departments. This leadership white paper aim is to raise awareness that not properly understanding and addressing generational differences can be detrimental to the success of police organizations. Arguments in favor and oppose to this issue has been evaluated and scholarly sources have been critically analyzed. This paper proves that generations have a lot to learn from one another and working to establish common ground is fundamental to an agency. Adapting to and establishing certain principals will aid to knocking down barriers that are often placed in law enforcement. Law Enforcement has a true sub-culture that influences all that enter it. The sense of pride and brotherhood are often overshadowed by the egocentrism of its members, which can hinder relationships from within and effect the communities they serve.


Conflict of generations, Intergenerational communication