Taking the ECG in the Clinical Medicine student laboratory-female version




Lesage, Kayla, Osteopathic Medical Student
Mackler, Matt, Osteopathic Medical Student
Brown, Sabrina, Osteopathic Medical Student
Stitle, Kyle, Osteopathic Medical Student
Loomis, Mario, Associate Professor Clinical Anatomy
Alvarez, Diego F, Professor Physiology and Pharmacology

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In this episode of the Loomis-Alvarez Medical Video Series, we present a peer-to-peer demonstration of the 6-lead and the 12-lead electrocardiogram (ECG) electrode placement in a female student. For a physician, mastering the skill of accurate electrode placement is crucial for obtaining high-quality ECGs. This peer-to-peer tutorial of a hands-on laboratory activity is designed to provide medical students with a practical understanding of the correct electrode placement for a standard 12-lead ECG in a female patient. It is important to master the skills while we provide a safe learning environment in the classroom for everyone. You will identify all the basic steps from skin preparation, for optimal electrode adhesion and signal transmission, to limb lead placement (positioning of the RA, LA, RL, and LL electrodes on the arms and legs), and chest lead placement (anatomical landmarks for placing electrodes V1-V6 on the chest) while ensuring that no unnecessary exposure of body parts occurs.


Master 12-lead ECG electrode placement in female patients with this Loomis-Alvarez Video Series episode! Designed by and for medical students, this video guides viewers through a hands-on learning experience covering essential steps such as skin prep, limb lead positioning (RA, LA, RL, LL), and chest lead placement (V1-V6) using clear anatomical landmarks in a female student. Start practicing electrode placement on your own and master ECG skills while carefully considering the exposure of body parts. This work has been crafted with the support of Jacob Rivas for video editing. ©2024 CC-BY-NC-ND


12-lead ECG electrode placement, EKG learning for medical students, Step-by-step ECG electrode guide, anatomy of ECG electrode positioning, EKG electrode placement in females


Lesage K, Mackler M, Brown S, Stitle K, Loomis M, Alvarez DF. Taking the ECG in the Clinical Medicine student laboratory-female version. Scholarly Works @ SHSU. 2024. https://hdl.handle.net/20.500.11875/4337