The use of selected existential concepts as a basis for a choreographic work



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Purpose: It was the purpose of this investigation to study literature pertaining to the philosophy of existentialism and to develop choreographic means to convey selected existential concepts. An extended dance work based on the findings of the investigator was choreographed, designed, and presented in concert. The development of the dance from its initial stages to its final performance was presented in written thesis form. Methods: The investigator did extensive research on the subject of existentialism and limited the study to four major concepts: (1)existence preceding essence,(2)the anxiety of nonbeing,(3)the irrationality of man’s relationship to the world,(4) the realization that man is capable of becoming an authentic being. A study of dance reviews was undertaken by the researcher to examine choreographic works by dance artists which utilized existential themes as their bases. The researcher then produced the dance, which included the following: (1)selecting the specific thematic ideas,(2)selecting the personnel,(3)selecting the musical accompaniment,(4)developing the choreography,(5)selecting the costume design,(6)arranging the lighting. These aspects of the dance production as well as the findings of the research were described in the present thesis form.



Modern dance., Choreography., Existentialism., Dance--Production and direction.