Problems and future of the railroad passenger service



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Purpose: It was the purpose of this study to evaluate and determine, if, according to past history and measures being taken at the present, the railroad industry can fulfill the public demands for future travel and operate a profitable passenger service. Methods: The following methods were used in obtaining data for this study: (1) periodicals, books and pamphlets in the Sam Houston State Teachers College and Texas Agricultural and Mechanical College libraries; (2) material obtained from the Association of American Railroads, Washington, D. C.; and (3) material obtained from members of the author’s guidance committee. Findings: From the evidence presented in this study the following conclusions appear to be in order: 1. The railroad passenger service will have disappeared, or be practically out of existence, within the next twenty years. It is, of course, possible that some development may stop the decline and stabilize the railroad passenger traffic before the end of the twenty year period, but no such development is now in sight. 2. The passenger deficit is not something which can be conjured away by statistical deception. It is real, serious and not fictitious due to the “ICC Formula.” Unless an unknown development, and a good and fast start can be made of putting this development into action towards reducing the passenger deficit, the railroad passenger service will not only be a service of the past, but the future welfare of the railroad industry as a whole, will be gravely endangered.



Railroads--United States--Passenger traffic, Passenger traffic, problems of railroad passenger service