Convergence of Mission and Moment: Imagining the Emerging Technology Analyst




Reese, Nick

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Institute for Homeland Security


The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was built to prevent terror attacks in the homeland and its culture and structure reflect its birth in 2002. Unlike the world changing event that created DHS, the gradual fading of the terror threat has left it misaligned to respond to new nation-state sponsored threats. The homeland security mission is at a true inflection point as it looks for new ways to use its capabilities and authorities while the central force driving global competition is being established. Just as the field of cyber was being established in the late 1990s and early 2000s in response to new threats, so too must the field of emerging technology be developed today. Examining the realities of the world today, we see the need for professionals who specialize in how emerging technologies create risks and opportunities in a way that is distinct from how cyber professionals do the same for the cyber domain. This work examines the geopolitical reality and how it reflects on the homeland. It goes a step further by conducting a comparative analysis between current cyber analyst requirements and skills and what would be required for an equivalent emerging technology analyst. This analysis informs governments, academia, and industry by creating a baseline from which emerging technology professionals can be created and evaluated with direct application on practitioners in critical infrastructure.



Cybersecurity, Emerging Technology


Reese, N. (2023) Convergence of Mission and Moment: Imagining the Emerging Technology Analyst. (Report No. IHS/CR-2023-1025). The Sam Houston State University Institute for Homeland Security.