Music Programs With Teens in Correctional Settings in the United States: A Scoping Review



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Music therapy is increasingly being offered in adult prison units to curb recidivism rates and to address mental health concerns. However, there appears to be insufficient research on how music therapy might benefit teen inmates. The purpose of this scoping review is to synthesize the available literature regarding music therapy treatment and music programs with teens in correctional settings. Due to the lack of music therapy specific research available on this topic, this study extends its search out to all music and arts-based programs with a primary focus on music. After applying to this study’s topic, the scoping review framework provided by Arksey and O’Mally (2002), total of three publications met the criteria for review. All three of the articles identified and described programs that were implemented in youth detention facilities. Each program was facilitated by professionals in their field such as music theater professionals, a choir director, and a music educator. However, none of the programs were facilitated or were aided by therapists. Several strengths and weaknesses were identified in the articles which included the strength-based approach, absence of a control group, therapeutic education level of the facilitators, participant characteristics, pod personality, and external incentives.



Music Therapy