School Counselors' Perception of their Cultural Competence when Delivering Services in Culturally Diverse School Settings



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Cultural competence continues to be a topic that has affected school counselors when delivering services in culturally diverse schools. Literature has suggested that school counselors who demonstrate cultural competence are more responsive within diverse school settings (Holcomb-McCoy, 2008). Even though counselor education programs have encouraged counselors-in-training to embrace and celebrate diversity, the average school counselor may not feel well versed in cultural competency when delivering services to students from culturally diverse backgrounds (Constantine, 2001). This phenomenological study examined school counselors' perceptions of their cultural competence when delivering services in culturally diverse school settings. The results of this study yielded three major themes that described the phenomenon. The themes included (a) multicultural preparation, (b) multicultural practice, and (c) multicultural experience. Implications of this study include increased professional development in multiculturalism for school counselors and building relationships with all relevant stakeholders to strengthen the comprehensive school counseling program.



School Counseling; Cultural Competence