A needs assessment of day care for Harris County

dc.contributor.advisorYoung, Jeanne P.
dc.contributor.authorIsenhour, Patsy Hays,1930-
dc.contributor.committeeMemberCopus, Gary
dc.contributor.committeeMemberKillinger, George
dc.description.abstractHarris County has 20,035 Aid to Families with Dependent Children cases with 51,545 children ages 0-14 years. This study is concerned with the day care need of this group. Are there adequate day care services to enable the mothers in these families to either seek employment or vocational training? Since the department is currently paying annually $2,512,579.50 to 4 agencies for 18 centers and day homes to serve 1,851 children, future planning mandates evaluation of the need for more day care. Therefore the purpose of this needs assessment is to identify gaps in day care services, identify geographical locations of client concentration and to evaluate currently utilized day care plans. Methods A questionnaire was designed and administered to 100 Department of Public Welfare Social Service and Work Incentive Workers familiar with client needs. They were asked to rank need for various social services and day care plans. They were also asked where day care is needed. Comparisons were made between the responses of the work incentive workers and those of the social service of workers by percentages as well as numbers. Other sources of information on day care were explored. Statistical information was obtained from within the department as well as sources outside the welfare department. Limitations imposed by time, money, and certain methodological considerations indicate that the findings should be accepted with caution. Organization The first chapter gives background information and describes the study process. The second chapter contains the Review of the Literature, which covers legislative history as well as description of the purchase of social service concept. The third chapter contains the methodology. The fourth chapter presents the Analysis of Data and the final chapter the Findings, Conclusions and Recommendations. Findings The survey revealed the following findings: 1. Transportation was identified as the major problem by AFDC workers because it impedes access to otherwise existing services. 2. Day care was identified as the major problem by the work incentive workers because employment plans are contingent upon a dependable day care plan. 3. Work incentive workers identified transportation as the second most prevalent problem, and AFDC workers described day care as the second most prevalent problem. 4. The currently purchased IV-A contract day care meets only 6.5 percent of the day care need for the work incentive program. This encourages other, less dependable child care plans. 5. Certain geographical areas, with large concentrations of welfare clients, were identified by all sources as needful of more day care.
dc.publisherSam Houston State University
dc.subjectDaycare centers
dc.subjectHarris County
dc.titleA needs assessment of day care for Harris County
thesis.degree.departmentCriminal Justice
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