Regulation of Social Media by Agencies




Brenek, Troy

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Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas (LEMIT)


This paper will explain the importance of why police departments should regulate social media. Social media is used in many different ways, though not all good. Departments have been able to examine both the good and the bad of social media. Social media now is becoming popular in getting information out to the public and has even helped in solving crimes. However, social media has also been a blessing as well as a curse of administrators for departments. Employees now utilize social media for their personal use and that sometimes manifests into departmental issues as those lines between professional and personal begin to blur. There are always the possibilities of employees posting negative information about the department on their personal pages. These situations need to be regulated by departments for future use of social media. By developing clear policies, departments will be able to declare guidelines of usage for the employees of the department. Clear policies will also ensure civil rights violations are not committed and derogatory information concerning the public or other employees are not posted in an adverse or malicious manner.



Police community relations, Police and mass media, Social media