Back the Vest Up




Krueger, Eugene F., III

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Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas (LEMIT)


This research paper will discuss the importance of transitioning from old police duty belts to more efficient load-bearing vests, which improves the quality of life for officers who experience low back pain from a career in law enforcement. The purpose of this research is to show that load-bearing vests are optimal pieces of equipment. The problem of low back pain in the police is prolific because of the standard duty belt, which carries more than 25 pounds of equipment, which is vital to the duties performed. This research method will be an analysis of scholarly journals and published articles from sources within the law enforcement industry and the medical community. From these sources, which includes medical research regarding how the problem of low back pain impacts the officer directly and the agency they work for indirectly. These impacts range from health care costs, overtime from sick leave as well as the life of the officer after they retire in a negative way; which can be negated from the start of their career with the use of a load bearing vest. The research results will show that officers equipped with load-bearing vests will be equally functional as officers with a standard duty belt while receiving the benefits of remedied low back pain. This study definitively proves that law enforcement should transition to load-bearing vests.



Police--Equipment and Supplies