Interacting with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Drivers




Rendon, Kimberly

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This study will show how important training is for law enforcement officers to be able to communicate and interact with the deaf and hard of hearing community. There is a lack of information and research that has been done to be able to help officers interact with the deaf and hard of hearing people. From the information that is available, it is extremely important that officers are up to date on the laws and the rights of the deaf community. In the long run, this saves departments from lawsuits, and, ultimately, loss of lives. Not only should officers be trained in recognizing certain signs and behaviors of a deaf or hard of hearing person, but it will prevent them from using unnecessary uses of force. Police officers should be trained when interacting with the deaf and hard of hearing community due to the fact alone that they will meet a deaf or hard hearing person at some point. The Americans with Disability Act (ADA) protects the rights of deaf and hard of hearing persons. Therefore, it is vitally important for officers to be aware of what those laws are.



Deaf, Hearing Impaired