Online Learning Experiences of Latino Public Middle School Students During the COVID-19 Pandemic



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The COVID-19 shutdown in the spring of 2020 was a historic and unprecedented event creating a ripple effect that will affect our world for years to come. Scholars and researchers have already studied the effects of the shutdown on economics, health care, education, and more. We now have information about how student learning and progress were affected by the pandemic, but we needed to hear directly from students who experienced this event.

In this phenomenological study, I explored the complex experiences of Latino public middle school students who were online learners during the COVID-19 pandemic school year. Prior research on the topic of online learning focused primarily on college students. Research about online learning during a pandemic has only been published within the last year and collecting the voices of Latino middle school students has not been done as of this writing.

In this study, research is presented about the unique needs of middle school learners and Latino learners, culminating in the results of interviews with six Latino students who were in middle school when the pandemic hit. The findings are presented with implications for practitioners studying this population and those who are exploring the strengths and weaknesses of an online learning environment.



Education, Bilingual and Multicultural, Education, Administration, Education, General