A tennis workbook for beginning students



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Purpose: It was the purpose of this study to provide an instructional guide for beginning tennis students that would contain not only valuable documentary materials, but also progressive assignments that involve short-answer assignments and student self-skill evaluation. Methods: The methods used to obtain information for this study were (1) the survey of textbooks, periodicals and pamphlets relating to all aspects of tennis; (2) the self-evaluation of skill progression of a beginning tennis class on the secondary school level; and (3) the use of a questionnaire concerned with the use of a workbook in teaching beginning tennis. Findings: After exploring the usefulness of a workbook for beginning tennis students, the writer believes the documentary material highly effective in developing a mental concept during the progression of skills. Furthermore, the workbook aids in the achievement of the following objectives: 1. The survey and study of three phases of the evaluation of tennis in Europe and United States gives an insight of the changes in tennis brought forth by the generations. 2. The analysis and illustrations of the basic tennis skills aid in developing a mental concept of the progressive steps in each skill. 3. The points to remember provided for all the basic skills specify the essential points that should be mastered. 4. The self-evaluation method of the basic skills taken at specific intervals gives the opportunity for experiencing evaluation on the part of the student. The charts, in addition, aid in reminding the student of the weaknesses that need correction as he is on the court. 5. The written assignments that parallel course content and progression are applicable in the learning processes of each skill. 6. The cumulative listing of self-appraisal of skills gives a clear picture of the skill level reached at the end of the unit. The device may also be used for grading purposes. 7. The use of problem-solving techniques stimulates concentration of specific problems that might not be emphasized without use of the workbook.



Tennis, beginning tennis students, self-appraisal of skills