Law Enforcement Should Have More of a Presence on Social Media




Cox, Lance C.

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The world today is currently moving through the greatest age, the age of technol ogy. What’s happening to the world today through social media is literally changing the way people seek out information, live and exist. The World Wide Web contains any thing and everything one person could possibly want to know, need or connect with. Social media companies are scaling their service so they become a one-stop shop, making it so the consumer never has to leave their site for more information. Social media sites are quickly becoming the public information officer that law en forcement agencies never had to hire. Law enforcement agencies can disseminate just about any type of information through their select social media outlets, allowing the pub lic an inside view of what’s happening. This information can serve to educate or inform the public, and even serve as a way to focus on accomplishments of your agency or of ficers. A properly run social media sight can boost a departments interaction with the public, or anyone else seeking information about the department. Law enforcement agencies should focus on writing their own narrative and use their social media platform as a way to positively brand or re-brand their agency. If the agency doesn’t put the information out someone else will do it for them. To insure the most positive information is being delivered, law enforcement agencies should have more of a presence on social media.



Public Relations, Police--Community Relations, Social Media