Jiu jitsu for Law Enforcement




Arnold, Andrew D.

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Police officers often find themselves using force in response to suspects that are resisting. Response to resistance is something that all officers will face sometime in their career. However, there is a concern that many officers have a lack of hands-on tactics training to deal with these individuals. Citizen noncompliance is on the rise and officers are experiencing use of force scenarios more often. Law enforcement agencies should integrate jiu jitsu tactics catered toward police encounters into their defensive tactics program. Jiu jitsu for law enforcement does not use strikes and creates safer encounters for police officers and suspects. Jiu jitsu is based in ground grappling which helps officers to maintain control of individuals with minimum force being exerted. This allows officers to buy time for the situation to de-escalate and/or for backup to arrive. There has also been a rise in mixed martial arts training among the civilian population. Mixed martial arts have grappling built in, so officers need to understand how to defend against it. Combined, all these issues make sense for police agencies to invest in their officer’s safety by incorporating jiu jitsu into defensive tactics.



Police--Health and Hygiene, Physical Fitness, Martial Arts