Armed Tactical Medics in Response to Active Shooter and Mass Casualty Events




Boyle, Samuel T.

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Active shooter and mass casualty events are a problem that require a unique response. Law enforcement agencies have been continually adapting their response since the tragedy in Columbine. Recent trends, based on studies from actual events, have suggested medical first responders begin to adapt their procedures for these critical incidents as well. Immediate medical treatment is proven to reduce preventable deaths. However, medical first responders have traditionally not been able to treat these patients due to the ongoing and dangerous nature of mass casualty or active shooter events. There have been cases where medical personnel have adapted past the constraints of policy and tradition, risking their own safety to save lives. These instances are heroic, but also illustrate the need for medical personnel to be able to protect themselves and their patients. To meet this gap in current protocol, law enforcement agencies should employ armed medics in their response to active shooter and mass casualty events. This next step in the public safety response to active shooter and mass casualty events will reduce the number of preventable deaths.



Crisis Management, Emergency Management, Terrorism