Criminal Immigrants in the U.S. Correctional System: Does U.S.nativity affect prison misconduct?


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Over the last decade, the United States criminal justice system experienced an increased rate of criminals designated as non-natives. Recent literature has examined how this population change affects law enforcement trends, court system processes, and sentencing. An important next step to further understanding native origin’s effect on the criminal justice system would be examining the state and federal corrections populations. As prison operations must contend with all possibilities of inmate risk factors and issues associated with inmate misconduct, understanding how native origin may affect misconduct would be beneficial to institutional safety. Specifically, the current study examines the influence of U.S. nativity on prison inmate misconduct rates.



Prison misconduct, Inmate misconduct, Inmate nativity, Foreign born inmate, Native origin, Immigrant criminal, Immigrant inmate, Correctional population, Importation model misconduct variables