Retention in Law Enforcment




Nodine, Bryan

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Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas (LEMIT)


The main topic of this research paper is the rising retention problem in police organizations today. Retaining qualified officers is a growing problem for law enforcement in America today. Along with many other issues, departments are struggling to retain qualified law enforcement officers because of low morale, lack of pay and benefits, little or no training, poor equipment, and no or slow advancement opportunities. Patrol officers are the backbone and labor force of any police organization. Retaining officers not only benefits departments by having a full force of knowledgeable officers to serve the community, but by also saving budget money that would have to be spent recruiting and training a new officer. Information obtained to support this paper came from internet articles, books, and handouts. Hiring officers to replace the ones leaving causes strain on existing officers within the department. In conclusion it was determined that to help alleviate the retention problem, agencieshave looked into mentoring programs, offering incentives such as a housing allowance. One can say the old cliché of praise in public and discipline in private goes a long way, but it seems this itself has been changed to discipline in public and praise in private. Law enforcement leaders must look toward the future and ways of retaining theirofficers.


Examines the issue of retaining qualified law enforcement officers and the programs implemented to alleviate the retention problems and the issues that come with replaces, officers.


employee retention