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Lopez, Joe

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In today’s 21st century policing, officer wellness and safety is a major role in the structure of the model. Most law enforcement officers walk into risky situations on day-to-day policing and can come into risky situations that may end in some sort of tragedy. Physical, mental, and emotional injuries to officers apply to all law enforcement agencies. However, a large number of police officer injuries and deaths are not the result of interaction with criminal offenders but the outcome of poor physical health due to a poor diet and lack of exercise. These poor qualities in one’s health result in other major health related issues that can tremendously affect the way an officer performs his duties. This paper will explain why law enforcement agencies should implement the Concept2 (2017) rower as part of their physical fitness test. This paper will focus on providing information to law enforcement agencies of the benefits the Concept2 rower has to provide. This paper will also show how an agency should implement the Concept2 rower test in order to cover all liability issues during testing. Police officers should always wear the uniform proud and strive to be the best in showing command presence. Law enforcement has always been a professional career and being a physically fit officer plays a major role in public image.



Police--Health and Hygiene, Physical Fitness