Examining the Potential Influence of Membership in a Latin-Based Greek-Lettered Organization on Latine College Students’ Sense of Familismo at a 4-year, Public, Hispanic-Serving Institution in the Southwest



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Latine college students are the fastest growing college student population in the United States. The culture that exists within institutions of higher education causes Latine students to experience cultural dissonance. Researchers have demonstrated that sense of familismo, or sense of family, is one of the most important cultural values of the Latine community. Latin-based Greek-lettered organizations are a type of student organization that could be a community within which Latine students feel a sense of familismo. This study centered the Latine student experience as members of Latin-based Greek-Lettered organizations to understand whether membership in this type of student organization influenced their sense of familismo at their university. Narrative inquiry and photo elicitation were used to enhance participants’ recollection of their experiences. Sense of familismo, including characteristics of attitudinal, behavioral, and structural familismo, was used as the conceptual framework lens through which to examine and interpret participants’ experiences. This research expands existing literature regarding the Latine college student experience as members of Latin-based Greek-lettered organizations and whether this experience influences their sense of familismo at an HSI.



Familismo; Fraternity; Greek organizations; Latine college students; Sense of family; Sorority