Breast Ultrasound




Loomis, Mario, Associate Professor Clinical Anatomy
Alvarez, Diego F, Professor Physiology and Pharmacology

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Loomis-Alvarez Video Series correlating structure, function, and clinical applications to facilitate medical student understanding of complex anatomical and physiological concepts. In this episode, we present a breast ultrasound with live imaging correlated with mammography. Breast cancer is the most common malignancy in women and the 5th leading cause of cancer death worldwide. Therefore, screening and early detection are critical. While mammography is the primary screening modality, ultrasound can be complementary and, in some cases, preferable for younger women and those with dense breast tissue. It is particularly useful in distinguishing cysts from solid masses. Ultrasound is also useful as a guide to biopsying and excising breast tumors. Ultrasound is portable, avoids ionizing radiation with its cancer risk, and is easily performed in an office setting. By following the position of the probe on the breast, juxtaposed with the ultrasound image, students and residents can improve their understanding of the structures of the breast, chest wall, and axilla, and they relate to the physical examination and diagnostic imaging.


This video explores the relationship between normal breast anatomy, ultrasound imaging, and mammograms. By understanding these three aspects, medical students can improve their understanding of the normal breast, and medical professionals can improve their ability to diagnose and assess breast health. This work has been crafted with the support of Jacob Rivas for video editing. ©2024 CC-BY-NC-ND


breast ultrasound, breast imaging, breast exam, mammogram and ultrasound correlation, breast ultrasound anatomy


Loomis M, Alvarez DF. Breast Ultrasound. Scholarly Works @ SHSU. 2024.