Psychopathy and Alcohol Use: The Potential Role of Circadian Entrainment



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Previous literature has indicated that there is a fairly strong correlation between psychopathy and alcohol consumption, as well as a bidirectional relationship between circadian entrainment and alcohol consumption. Using self-reported data regarding sleep patterns from a group of undergraduate students, this study investigated the potential moderating and mediating associations of circadian rhythm entrainment on the relationship between psychopathic behavior and alcohol use. It was hypothesized that the relationship between psychopathy and alcohol use would become stronger with weaker circadian entrainment. It is also predicted that circadian entrainment will have a mediating role in the psychopathy-alcohol use relationship in that the relationship will no longer be statistically significant when circadian entrainment is controlled for. This study will use regression analyses to examine the association between circadian rhythms entrainment and psychopathy on alcohol consumption and analyze the interaction effects of psychopathy/circadian rhythms as part of mediation/moderation test. Results will be interpreted from a biopsychosocial perspective and indicate that circadian entrainment does not serve as a moderator or mediator in the relationship between psychopathy and alcohol use.



Circadian rhythms, Alcohol use, Psychopathy, Sleep