Using Social Media to Strengthen Community Policing And The Department




Robeson, Paul

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Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas (LEMIT)



Police agencies are facing changing times which are creating difficulties in managing their image, relationships, and recruiting among other things. As budgets are continuously trimmed down, agencies are finding difficulties when it comes to branding and recruiting. Citizens expect more from their agencies which often places a strain on police resources. Police managers must find ways to resolve the conflict of the public desiring a highly accountable and more involved agency with budgetary constraints. One of the simplest and most cost-efficient solutions is the use of social media. Social media, specifically Facebook, use grows every day. On June 27, 2017, CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg announced that they had exceeded two billion users (Nowak, 2017). This means that about one out of every three to four people worldwide are members of Facebook. Social media allows for instant dissemination of information worldwide. Police agencies should use this free media source to their advantage. Utilizing social media allows the community to have direct access to the agencies through two-way communication. In addition to providing communication, social media allows the agencies to create a positive brand. Increasing branding will also increase recruitment because of the desire to become part of that agency. Social media is the future for society. That future also includes police agencies. Social media is a cost-effective means for reaching the public. It provides for open communication and helps build a better relationship. It can also help to find more applicants for departments. For these reasons, social media should not be ignored.


Police--Community Relations, Police and Mass Media, Social Media