Officers Having a Professional Image




Curtis, Ryan E.

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Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas (LEMIT)


It seems that today a persons or organizations reputation is more important than ever before. With as many cellphone cameras that there are, social media and the news, a person/organization must maintain a professional image as much as they can, or they could easily gain a very negative reputation. As a society, many people notice and remember negative incidents, yet dismiss or forget positive incidents. This may not be “fair”, but it is how many individuals live their lives. Many communities that have a negative impression of their local law enforcement, are reluctant to share information with the agency and this can hinder investigations. The unwillingness to work with law enforcement can keep individuals from making a report or keep them from speaking up when they have witnessed a crime. For a law enforcement agency to be truly successful they must have the trust and support of the citizens that live and work within their jurisdiction. A law enforcement agency’s image, can affect the department in other ways too. One of those ways is staffing. Many agencies are struggling to find qualified applicants. Much of public and media has a negative image of law enforcement and this could be causing potential applicants to reconsider if they want to join the law enforcement industry. This is why law enforcement agencies must strive to work on having a professional image in everything that they do. If an agency is able to hold professional image within the community, it can create many benefits to the law enforcement agency as a whole, the officers individually and the community.



Public Relations, Police--Community Relations, Police--Public Opinion