Women Needed in Law Enforcement

Joachim, Sandra
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The world is filled with powerful women and the United States is no different. Unfortunately, many of these powerful women do not hold positions of authority. Women emerging in leadership roles in areas such as law, corporate boards, and government offices have been at a snail’s pace. The working-age women in the United States make up more than half of the adult populace, yet fewer than 13% of women are employed in the law enforcement field (U.S. Department of Justice, 2019). The percentages plummet when these numbers are compared to women holding high ranking command positions over the rank of lieutenant. Women in executive positions are exceptionally scarce, such as deputy chief, assistant chief, and captain. A more impartial, or more balanced law enforcement agency is molded when women can bring their distinctive perspectives to the field. Law enforcement should focus on recruiting and developing qualified female candidates that are able to compete for leadership positions. There is a disproportionate absence of females in law enforcement and command positions. Female officers possess a unique perspective on criminal justice. In order to create a balanced police force representing our constituency, there is a need to recruit, develop, and promote female officers in the criminal justice field. Otherwise, the industry leaves significant potential resources on the table.

Policewomen--Recruiting, Sex Discrimination in Employment