A study of retail trade bases on a consumer survey in Huntsville, Texas

dc.contributor.advisorNeal, Jean D
dc.creatorGoforth, Gene B.(Gene Bales),1929-
dc.date.submittedMay 1958
dc.description.abstractPurpose: the purpose of this study has been to evaluate retail trade in Huntsville, Texas, and present the findings in order that the retailers and the chamber of Commerce might have a more accurate picture (1958) retail structure of the community. This study has delved into: (1) the living and working conditions and the visiting opportunities of Huntsville, (2) the service facilities available, (3) the cash and credit facilities available, (4) the customer drawing power of the retail establishments, (5) the retailer’s selection of merchandise according to price, assortment, and quality, (6) the out-of-town buying habits of the customers of Huntsville, (7) the choice of advertising preferred by the consumer, and (8) the participation of merchants in promoting local trade. Method: Major areas of retail trade have been thoroughly investigated by the survey and observational methods. Special consideration has been given to: (1) a retail trade survey to determine consumer opinions in Huntsville, and (2) a detailed personal appraisal of seventy-six central business district stores. Findings: In view of the information obtained from this survey, the personal appraisal of the seventy-six business establishments, and publications on the subject of retail trade, the following conclusions appear to be in order: 1. The city of Huntsville is considered a good place to live, work, and visit; however, there appears to be a need for industry. 2. The city’s school facilities are average, compared to other towns of this size. 3. The city is lacking in recreational opportunities. There is a definite need for more businesses offering a variety of recreational opportunities. 4. Huntsville needs more parking area for its residents. The traffic congestion now so acute, however, will soon be relieved by completion of Interstate highway Number 45, which is slated to be completed in 1961. 5. Huntsville is a friendly and relatively modern city, served by an adequate number of service businesses. 6. The clerks and merchants of Huntsville are courteous and efficient. It is obviously necessary that they give full consideration to the customer by remembering to treat customers as individuals; by being an attentive and interested audience; and by giving sincere praise and reassurance to customers. 7. Retailers should not neglect the regular customer, as well as strive to attract and interest new ones. 8. The retailers of Huntsville should constantly maintain modern up-to-date establishments. 9. The retailers of the city should strive for good employee relations, which is not achieved by clever devices but accrue to firms which work hard to attain them. 10. The location of Huntsville stores as a general group was found to be good. 11. Huntsville respondents prefer the following advertising media: first, radio and television; second, local newspapers; third, friends’ opinions; fourth, window displays; fifth, catalogues; sixth, billboards; seventh, circular letters; and eighth, handbills. 12. More customers pay cash for groceries, shoes, and hardware; whereas, more use credit facilities in buying drugs, women’s clothing, furniture, and men’s clothing. Customers use both facilities in paying for groceries, women’s clothing, furniture, and drug items. Therefore, the Huntsville retailers should have a sound credit system and the credit analysis which increases sales and decreases the credit. 13. The prices, assortments, and quality of the merchandise in Huntsville are satisfactory. 14. The majority of the Huntsville consumers show a large amount of home loyalty. 15. The majority of the consumers hold a favorable opinion of the activities of the merchants’ promotional work. 16. Huntsville, through its Chamber of Commerce, should be constantly striving to attract the maximum number of customers into its trading area. This can be achieved through trade development and improvement programs.
dc.subjectRetail trade--Texas--Huntsville
dc.subjectconsumer survey
dc.subjectEconomic history
dc.subjectHuntsville Texas
dc.titleA study of retail trade bases on a consumer survey in Huntsville, Texas
thesis.degree.departmentBusiness Administration
thesis.degree.grantorSam Houston State Teachers College
thesis.degree.nameMaster of Art


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