Law Enforcement Transparency And the Media




Scoggins, Mitch

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Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas (LEMIT)



As society evolves, so do aspects within society including the news media and their approach to get current stories out to their viewers or readers as quickly as possible. The news media, whether mainstream, local, or in between, plays an instrumental role in how law enforcement is depicted throughout the country. In attempt to prevent the dissemination of inaccurate or incomplete facts to their subscribers, it is imperative that law enforcement agencies enhance their media transparency within their communities. By completing this objective on a regular basis and developing a good working relationship with local news media outlets, law enforcement is less susceptible to fresh stories being disseminated to the public without the reporters first obtaining those crucial facts that could potentially cause the community to lose confidence in their local law enforcement. The ability to conduct day to day operations with transparency and trustworthiness, along with the implementation of a public information officer, could play a vital role in preventing major crisis situations which may evolve from social media platform posts or inaccurate eye-witness testimony. Across the nation, the public relies on the news media to quench their thirst for news updates that effect their community. Therefore, the concept that law enforcement must enhance their relationship with the news media is paramount


Police and Mass Media, Police--Community Relations