Use of Armored Personnel Carriers by Law Enforcement Agencies with Tactical Teams




Denney, Bryan

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Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas (LEMIT)



This paper reviews the use of Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs) by civilian law enforcement agencies (LEAs) who employ the use of tactical teams. Civilian law enforcement agencies are tasked with responding to and resolving high risk incidents on a regular basis and this writing describes how the implementation of APCs is beneficial for those agencies who have tactical teams that can utilize them. The elements of the types of high risk incidents facing departments include the use of high powered, high ammunition capacity weapon systems capable of defeating standard body armor and standard police vehicles. This writing highlights how the APC offers LEAs a means to work through those high-risk incidents more safely. There are numerous items of equipment used by civilian agencies and tactical teams that operate within those agencies. That being said, this writing simply presents the use of the APC as a functional tool to be used by LEAs that employ the use of tactical teams. There are examples cited within this paper that document the relevancy of this piece of equipment and they document the tactical success of its implementation.


Police--Community Relations, Police--Equipment and Supplies