The use of news events of 1965 as a basis for choreographic themes, illustrated in an original dance production



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Purpose: It was the purpose of this study to explore the inherent choreographic possibilities of news events of 1965 and to utilize certain of these events in a major choreographic work. Methods: The investigator studied major news events of 1965 in relation to their relevance for and impact upon the general public. Such publications as the New York Times, Time Magazine, Life Magazine, U.S. Newsweek, as well as recordings of television and radio news reports were reviewed. The examiner selected certain of these events and analyzed them for their choreographic potentials. The criteria for selection of a news event stated that the event must lend itself to artistic treatment in the dance medium, appear in written form in a major news agency and/or receive documentation by a recording company. Other criteria concerned the factors of variety and balance of the events in relation to each other. All events were finally studied in relation to their movement potential. The investigator developed an extended choreographic work that incorporated dance themes suggested by the selected events. The production included selection and manipulation of movement materials, designing costumes, choosing the personnel, devising a lighting plan, and creating the accompaniment for the dance. Findings: The findings presented in this study demonstrated that certain newsworthy events have inherent choreographic possibilities. The selection of certain news events from the year 1965 was incorporated into an extended dance production which was presented to the general public in a concert situation. The written substantiation of the dance production included a discussion of selecting of the year 1965, choosing events from that year, selecting personnel, devising the accompaniment, choreographing the dance, designing the costumes, staging and lighting the production.



Choreography, Dance, analyzed events for choreographic potential, news, artistic treatment