A study in the criminology of politics: the Ku Klux Klan in Texas




Cobb, Charles C.,1942-

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Purpose: The general objective of this research was to present an historical study of the Ku Klux Klan in Texas. Specific objectives were to research” (1) social conditions prevalent to the stimulation of Klan activity; (2) the Klan’s influence in state politics; (3) its relationship with law enforcement. The eras of Reconstruction, the 1920’s, and modern time were utilized for research on the Klan. Methods: The methods utilized in this study were: (1) research in various libraries in East Texas; (2) personal interviews of knowledgeable sources on the Klan; (3) cross reference of material to establish fact over emotional bias. Much of the information obtained in libraries was validated and made clear by personal interviews. Findings: This study indicates: (1) the Klan’s need for a strong racial issue to recruit members and establish support from the general public; (2) its strivings for political control to maintain white supremacy; (3) its unlawful actions in attempting to enforce morality. The Klan attained prominence based on these factors during the three periods studied.