Mental Health Wellness for Law Enforcement Officers




Romine, Gregg

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Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas (LEMIT)


The issue of mental health for law enforcement officers has been a hot topic for law enforcement administrators nationwide for the last several years, and while most law enforcement agencies have adopted some form of program or policy to assist officers that have mental health issues, more can and should be done. The reason to do more is simple, by having a program or policy in place to help officers that are struggling then this will in-turn help the agencies themselves through several different ways. Therefore, law enforcement agencies should provide and encourage an impartial and anonymous way for law enforcement officers to seek and receive help for mental health issues. As stated above, this will not only help the individual officers, but also the agencies themselves. Some might say that having a program or policy to assist officers with mental health is neither cost-effective nor will such a program be utilized by officers due to a stigma placed on the officers that receive help for mental health. However, studies have shown that while there may be a cost associated with providing these services, there is also a cost for not providing these services. Another study has also shown that through education and training, the stigma that surrounds this issue will be reduced and has already been reduced when comparing larger agencies to smaller agencies. Now the only question is how to implement such a program and not whether to provide any services at all.



Police Psychology, Police--Mental Health