Mandatory Tactical Training for all Patrol Officers




Carroll, Jeremy

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The average citizen expects when they call 9-1-1 and need assistance, likely in the most trying of times, that they are getting a highly trained police officer that can solve their problem. When bad people decide to do evil things to innocent people including the police, everyone expects the police to respond and handle the situation in the most effective and efficient manner. Police officers are also expected to do it right the first time; the expectation being that is what they are trained to do and that is how it is done in mainstream media. In reality, the average officer lacks the necessary skills to tactically handle those calls for service that escalate quickly and turn violent in the blink of an eye. As violence against law enforcement officers continues to increase, it is becoming important that officers receive the appropriate training to handle these coordinated or opportunistic attacks against them. When the public perceives an issue or deficiency in the profession, a training mandate is likely soon to follow; the attacks on law enforcement should be no different. Police officers should be required to have tactical training that gives them a fighting chance against someone who sets out to do them harm. It is time for administrations and government entities to recognize the issue and prioritize the investment in the proper training of law enforcement officers. The idea that agencies are understaffed and training is costly and cannot take up a line item in a budget is a sentiment that should be abandoned; law suits for lack of training have proven to be far more expensive.



Police Training, Tactical Training