Cyber Bullying Kills




Hawkins, Betiale

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Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas (LEMIT)



In the following white paper, cyber bullying will be defined and the long lasting imprint it has on the community will be examined. The information outlined is relevant because of the multitude of people and organizations that will be influenced due to the rapidly emerging issues that arise from the acts of cyber bullying. Law enforcement and educators should devote more time and effort to prevent cyber bullying in youth. Amanda Todd, Phoebe Prince, and Tyler Clementi are all examples of youth suicide victims stemming directly from the newly introduced internet form of harassment. The lives of Sean Mulveyhill and Dharun Ravi are other instances that illustrate the pit falls associated with this crisis. These individuals, their roles, and outcomes are chronicled. Cyber bulling not only costs the lives of those affected, it also has a costly financial burden using monies from proactive and/or reactive funding. This paper will define proactive and reactive funding and will address the preferred method. Taking preventative measures to cyber bullying will save lives, money, and careers.


Bullying-- Prevention, Cyberbullying