Community Policing




Macomb, Curtis

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Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas (LEMIT)



With all the negative media law enforcement agencies have been exposed to across the nation the past couple of years, law enforcement must do a better job in building community relationships. Administrators must establish a departmental culture that focuses on extraordinary customer service. Agencies must be passionate and excel in this most critical area of police work, while striving to provide excellent police service each day. This means getting back to the basics when officers would walk a beat and engage community members one on one. Reengaging in the community should be one of the most important functions law enforcement agencies can do to foster community trust and transparency. There are several great programs already implemented in organizations throughout the state of Texas, such as; contacting with citizens through social media, Facebook, Twitter YouTube, Coffee with Cops, Citizens Police Academy, Park, Walk and Talk, Explorer Post Programs and Clergy, and Police Partnerships just to name a few. If an agency can effectively implement ways to foster new partnerships and nurture established ones, the agency will have a better chance of minimizing the negative effects to the department and city, should a major crisis occur within the community.


Police community relations, Community Policing