Dangers of Marijuana Legalization




Paine, Dennis M. Jr.

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Today in 2020, marijuana and cannabis is socially accepted and even publicized by politicians and celebrities. As of November 2020, 15 states have completely legalized the recreational use of marijuana, with 28 states legalizing it for medicinal uses with strict regulations. Research has shown that the potential mental and physical hazards associated with marijuana use are present. Research has also provided statistical data proving that marijuana is addictive and is a gateway drug. Marijuana has also shown to decrease a person’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. Due to the possible legalization putting the public, young people, and motorists alike in danger marijuana should remain illegal in the state of Texas. Marijuana supporters have claimed that marijuana has been used for several years for medicinal purposes. This has been supported with research and much has shown to be inconclusive, or simply an alternative to a pharmaceutical drug. Marijuana is socially accepted in 2020’s culture for many reasons. Many believe that marijuana is less dangerous than other “Harder” street drugs. Many others also believe that the legalization movement is sweeping the nation and it is just going to happen anyways so we may as well deal with it. Texas law enforcement officials should continue to oppose the decriminalization and support the current policy of marijuana possession laws. Law enforcement officials can provide education on the possible physical and mental health dangers associated with marijuana.



Marijuana, Drug Legalization