The Effect of Student Success Coursework on Developmental Mathematics Students



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Student success in developmental education has increasingly become a topic of concern. Unfortunately, there is little published knowledge on how student success courses impact student success in developmental mathematics. This research study examined archival data from Fall 2012 through Spring 2016 developmental mathematics students at Lamar State College Orange (LSCO). The goal was to examine withdrawal rates and final grades in developmental mathematics and persistence of developmental mathematics students to the subsequent semester. The independent variables were Learning Frameworks enrollment status in a 2 or 3 credit-hour course and race and ethnicity of the students. To determine the effect, if any, that Learning Frameworks had on student withdrawal, final grade, and persistence, a chi-squared test was conducted. It was revealed that overall the students enrolled in Learning Frameworks did not exhibit higher success rates than those students who did not enroll. The conclusion of this dissertation includes suggestions for practice, as well as the implications that these results have on future policies and decision-making at the college for students who enroll in developmental mathematics courses



Student success, Withdrawal rates, Final grades, Persistence, Developmental mathematics