Music therapy in hospice: Spanish language repertoire, approaches, and challenges



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The purpose of this study was to investigate Spanish language repertoire with Spanish-speaking patients, as well as specific techniques and challenges used by music therapists in the hospice setting. An electronic survey was sent out to music therapists via email and social media, whereby 17 music therapists completed the survey. The first section of the survey asked what Spanish language songs music therapists use most frequently in the following genres: Traditional/folk; Patriotic; Religious; Popular; Children’s; and Other. The second section of the survey consisted of approaches and techniques music therapists used in their practice with Spanish-speaking patients, as well as well as challenges they have encountered. The results of this study revealed a total of 49 songs used by music therapists. Results also indicated the music therapy intervention, “singing for reminiscence,” as their most frequently used. Regarding challenges faced when working with Spanish-speaking patients, language barrier was a common factor that music therapists faced. Further results are discussed in the paper.



Music therapy, Spanish language songs, Spanish language repertoire, Hospice, Cultural music therapy, Patient-preferred music